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The Phoenix!


Like the Phoenix from the ashes, the Rockingham band has recovered from a lonely 8 players in 2015 to a full compliment and promotion to the third section! The band appointed their new MD, Adam Whittle, in October 2015 and over the course of the past year, they have gone from strength to strength. 

A combination of hard work, sweat and indeed tears from the core members of the band has driven the name of Rockingham back into success. A new secretary was also appointed in 2016. Jacky Wadsworth alongside her husband, Dave have been key to the success achieved in the last year.  The band also note the contribution of the newly formed committee and of course all members of the band. Most notably Mr Raymond Layte and Mr Kieth Taylor. 2017 sees the Rockingham band take on the third section for the first time in many years but MD Adam Whittle is confident that this is a challenge that the band can meet and exceed. 

Upon Adam's appointment, he said 'I would like to see the Rockingham band back where it belongs' and this is just the beginning!

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