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The Wild Card

Every Band Needs One!

The Wild Card

Chris Prew - The Wild Card!

This man will play anything, cornet, bass, percussion... but never trombone!

Chris began his musical story at the age of 7 playing for the Birmingham Citadel Salvation Army YP Band. His first instrument was the tenor horn, but He soon found himself on Baritone and later, Euphonium. Chris then became a founder member of the Birmingham Schools Brass Band before moving to Yorkshire in 1995. He joined the Newstead Band under Duncan Beckley in 1997, staying until 2000 when He became Bandmaster at Barnsley Salvation Army. Chris joined the Rockingham Band in 2012 and despite his intentions to stay for 12 months, He is still here today. Although He is now on Eb bass, Chris has played cornet, horn, baritone, euphonium and Bass, making him one of our most versatile players.

Outside of the band, Chris works for Boots at Meadowhall and is a proud Father of one. He is a keen football and movie fan, supporting Plymouth Argyle and enjoying the Star Wars trilogy. Chris has also dabbled in musical theatre at the Lamprooms theatre in Barnsley.

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