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The Trombone Section

Meet the Trombones

The Trombone Section

Probably one of the most recognised instruments in a brass band and a loved favourite amongst the audiences for their sliiidddeeee-y sound, the Trombone section consists usually of three Players.

Two players take on the Tenor Trombone (1st and 2nd) while a third player tackles the Bass Trombone. The bass trombone player is the only brass player that reads in Bass Clef!

Johnothan Braithwaite - Solo Trombone

Jonny played trombone from a young age. After his 18th birthday, he then didn't play for a number of years before picking up the Soprano Cornet age 33 at Worsbrough Brass. Jonny joined Rockingham in 2016 on Repiano cornet before moving onto trombone. He then moved again within Rickingham back to the Soprano Cornet before leaving and rejoining Worsbrough Brass, continuing to play the "Sop". Following this, he moved to Thurcroft where he played Sop before moving onto Principle Cornet for 2 years. Jonny then joined Dodworth in September 2022 on Soprano Cornet. During his time banding, Jonny has competed in a number of contest's gaining two 3rd places and a 4th with Dodworth Brass Band. After scratching the Soprano Cornet itch, Jonny re-joined Rockingham to play in the same band as his dad, back on the Trombone.

Jonny enjoys anything that's fast. When he is not trying to break speed barriers on his motorbike, he likes a good Jet Ski. Jonny also has a caravan on the coast where he spends most weekends having a beer or two.

David Holling - Bass Trombone

David began his playing career on Euphonium at the age of 6 coming from a banding family of father and two brothers who were all members of the famous ‘Band for Britain’ Dinnington Colliery Band. His mother was an accomplished pianist; the piano is another one of David’s interests, particularly in the field of Jazz.

At 18 David embarked on a course of study at Huddersfield University where he completed his Bachelor of Music with first class honours.

Through his early teaching years David was Solo Baritone with Desford Colliery Band, Rhodian Brass and Stocksbridge Asda Band before hanging up his baritone to concentrate on conducting.

David has always had the ‘itch’ to play bass trombone and developed his skill depping for brass bands and big bands around the area. He was until very recently the bass trombonist with the UK Film Orchestra in Colwall, Malvern.

As a brass band conductor David has enjoyed unrivalled success with his late father’s band Thurcroft Welfare where he ‘cut his teeth’ as a conductor. This success has continued throughout his career with The City of Sheffield Band, Silk Brass, Strata Brass, Oddfellows Brass, Kibworth Band and Thoresby Colliery Band and more recently, Dronfield Genquip Band.

David is a published composer and arranger of brass band and choral music. In 2014 his piece ‘Phoenix’ was selected as a popular choice for the Butlins Mineworkers 2nd Section Championships. Many of his arrangements can be heard on bandstands and in concerts around the UK.

David lives in Derbyshire with his wife Mandy and their young twins James and Hannah. Mandy is an accomplished cornet player having recently been repiano cornet with Carlton Main Frickley band and a front row cornet player with the famous Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

In 2018 David trained at the Llangunlo School in musical instrument repairs and has embarked on his career from his workshop at home.

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