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The Percussion Section

Meet the Percussionists

The Percussion Section

Now for something different...


Just some of the sounds you will here coming from the back of the band played by a group of energetic and lively bunch!

A brass band has a very wide range of genres in which it can play. So the percussion section has to be "ready for all eventualities". From the traditional snare and bass of a march to the full Timpani, Tam tam, Tubular Bell filled extravaganza of an orchestral score!

Steve Reily - Percussionist and Drummer

Our resident animal, Steve is 48 years of age and started his playing life in 1983 at Gleed Boys School in Spalding. He joined the band in January 2018 and has remained with the band ever since.

Steve has a degree in Art, but for most of his working life, He has been a professional drummer and music teacher. He currently teaches at Clifton Community School and plays Bass Guitar for a professional tribute band. Steve also enjoys running and DIY.

Mia Wood - Percussionist

Mia is 16 years of age and started her playing life at 11. Her first band was Dodworth Colliery, joining in 2015 on percussion with Her Grandad, Geoff. Mia joined the Rockingham Band in 2018, she starting on the back row cornet bench, then to the baritone and then moved to percussion where she's been ever since. Outside of the band, Mia plays the piano and sings in church choirs. She also learnt to Sword Dance which she did for 4 years.

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