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The Bass Section

Meet the Basses

The Bass Section

Now we come to the Engine room of a brass band, "The Basses".

More commonly known as a Tuba, a brass bands bass section is made up of two different kinds of Tubas,

The Eb Bass Tuba and the Bb Bass Tuba.

The Eb Bass tuba is pitched higher than it's grumbly Bb Bass counter part and often takes on a more soloistic role in the section. However, if you can hear a note that growls from the deep, that's a Bb Bass.

Traditionally there are 4 Bass players in a band, two Ebs (1st and 2nd) and two Bbs (1st and 2nd).

Keith Lawton - Eb Bass

Keith started playing at the age of 8 with Oughtibridge Brass Band. He quit playing for about 12 years in his 30s to take up Wreck Diving! Keith then resumed playing in 2001 with various bands on Euphonium, including Emley Band, Stannington Brass Band, Wakefield Met Brass Band, and South Yorkshire Police Brass Band. He later joined the Unite the Union Band on Baritone followed by Eb Bass before rejoining Stannington on Eb Bass. Keith joined Rockingham band in late 2023 continuing his banding career with the Eb Bass.

Keith's main other interest is puppy training with Guide Dogs for the Blind and he works for the NHS."

Stuart Haigh - Bb Bass

Stuart started playing at 12 with Thurlstone Brass Band and at 17 was the solo EB bass at Hepworth Brass Band!

Stuart has played in 34 bands! His previous bands include Carlton Main, Hepworth, British Steel Stainless, Skelmanthorpe, Warren, Grange Moor, Holme Silver, Hade Edge ,Old Silkstone, Dodworth, SY Police,Strata,Barrow colliery. His hobbies include supping Whisky and Motorcycling, though not at the same time of course! 

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