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The Baritones and Euphoniums

Meet the Euphs and Baris

The Baritones and Euphoniums

Two instruments that some people may not be familiar with are the Baritone and the Euphonium.

A Baritone (also known as a baritone horn) is in fact part of the horn section and a Euphonium is also known as a tenor tuba.

One distinguishing feature, of the Euphonium is the addition of a fourth valve (Cornets, Horns and Baritones all have three valves) which mirrors the Eb and Bb basses, allowing it to go down and play with the big rumbling beasts.

Traditionally brass bands will have two Baritones (1st and 2nd) and two Euphoniums (1st and 2nd).

Lauren Ash - Solo Baritone

Lauren joined the band in April 2019, so is soon to celebrate her 1 year anniversary at Rockingham! 

Lauren began her musical journey at 9 years of age in Scotland. Now living in South Yorkshire, she works for a theatre company called Chol who bring theatre and drama to areas that lack arts provisions. Lauren has also performed at Edinburgh Fringe on a number of occasions.

Damen Keddy - 2nd Baritone

Damen's first band was Worsbrough brass in the late 1990's (his sister and dad were already playing there at the time), where he learned to play brass aged around 16. His first instrument was the Euphonium.After Damen moved to Dearne Valley Brass, and he changed instruments and played 2nd Baritone until he headed off to university in Nottingham where he studied Conversation and Countryside Management.Damen did make the journey back from university to play in the area contest a couple of times, but eventually he decided to stop playing in 2002.

He didn't play again until 2019 when Damen joined Worsbrough Brass again, this time on Tenor Horn. Unfortunately the covid pandemic put an abrupt stop to his comeback attempt and he again, called it a day. In early 2023, Damen decided to give it another go, this time joining Oughtibridge Brass Band on 2nd Baritone. The band went on to have their most successful year winning the 4th Section Yorkshire Championships and placed 3rd at the National Championships at Cheltenham.

Being from Hoyland, when an opportunity arose to join his local band, Rockingham Brass Band, he jumped at the chance.

Damen has worked for Barnsley Council for over 20 years, spending the last 16 years as a Public Rights of Way Officer (managing the Public Footpaths, Bridleways and Trans Pennine Trail in Barnsley) and is due to start a new role in Jan 2024 as Head Ranger.

Damen's passions include horse racing, watching Ice Hockey and Rugby, and owns a syndicate share of a narrowboat where he spends a couple of weeks a year exploring Britain's canal network, "enjoying a pint or two!"

Keith Taylor

Our longest serving members but also our Sponsor, Life President and Principal Euphonium.

Keith joined the band in its original form of the Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery Band in the 1970s. Then a championship band, he lead the euphonium section as he does to this day. He did take a break from playing to pursue other hobbies such as sailing and scuba diving but he couldn’t stay away from his love of banding forever.

In his professional life, Keith owns a forge with his wife Pat. They built their business, KT Forge, from scratch and are now our sponsors, having purchased a new uniform for the band in 2019. We honoured Keith’s commitment and input in December 2019 by making him Life President of our organisation.

Alan Braithwaite - 2nd Euphonium player

Alan started out on the Tenor Horn at the tender age of 8 with the Stalybridge Band. Later moving to several bands including Mossley, Hollingsworth and Bury, with 3 guest appearances with Brighouse and Rastrick. Unfortunately, Alan’s initial playing career lasted just 10 years before he ‘packed it all in’ at 18.

Having retired from banding, Alan focussed his time and effort on his career. Starting out as a toolmaker for 11 years before joining South Yorkshire Police in 1981. After a huge 30 years service, Alan retired at 55 years of age and was soon to restart his musical career.

Alan rejoined the banding world in 2014 as 2nd Horn for Worsbrough brass, moving to Solo Baritone within 12 months.

He took the decision to join the Rockingham Band in 2016 on Principal Baritone before moving to 2nd Euphonium in 2017.

Outside of the band Alan enjoys his Caravan, Golf and DIY.

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