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Become a Patron

British brass bands have been fighting to keep above water for many years. Player numbers have declined and running costs continue to increase. The patronage scheme gives our audiences the chance to become a regular part of the band without having to be musically able. It also allows you to support our future with a small minimum donation of £10.00 each year. In return for your kind donation, we will provide a number of benefits to you as our patron:

Your name in lights!

Your name will appear on our website on your own section! you will be as much a part of the band as our regular players.

Regular News Updates

As a patron , you will receive regular updates on the band. From recent success to future plans, we will keep you up to date. You can choose to receive this via post or email to suit you best.

Two free tickets

You will receive two free tickets each year to your very own patron concert. Again you choose how you receive these tickets and of course you can bring a friend!!

Engagment lists

Just like the regular members of the band, you will receive updated engagement lists. This will enable you to follow the band wherever and whenever you wish.

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If you would like to become a patron, simply download and print the form below. Once it's filled in, send it with a cheque or cash to the address at the bottom of the page. For more information or alternative payment methods, please call: 01773 835504 (Richard Whittle)
Thank you!
Entry Address:   25 Hallfieldgate Lane
                          Shirland, Alfreton
                          DE55 6AA
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